• Cate Graves

Life Lessons From A Chihuahua

Trust curmudgeonly women.

Especially those post-divorce.

Bathe in the green summer grass,  drink in the smells.

Close your eyes gently, like a baby fawn.

Yawn dramatically.

Let the other household riff raff do the barking for you.

Lick cold ipa from the rims of of silver cans.

Curled mouth growling will do most of the heavy lifting as you pursue  being left alone.

Let them call you names. Snowflake. Tiny Hobo Clown. Isabella. Scout. Don’t matter.

One eye is better than no eye.

Even chubby bodies can make breaks through metal fences.

Check out the neighbors, make the rounds, due your due diligence.

Especially if you just made your break through a metal fence.

Walk like you mean it.

Lay quietly, win food.

Express through your eyes.

Cats suck.

When your a Jet you’re a Jet all the way.

Ride or die.

Don’t trust anyone who proclaims  ‘how well’ they get along with dogs.

Carve your way into a belly.

Sleep like a spiral, tuck in close.

Find your person.

Dismiss the rest.

Nap, often.


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